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IMA mew

"Mascot Grand Prix 2018" that performs IMA nyanga entry from this

PROFILE self-introduction

Native place
Hikarigaoka Park
April 24
Favorite food
Ramen of the heap of eaves
Favorite place
Hikarigaoka IMA
We eat our way and window-shop
We are full of curiosity by mischief
Special ability
If it is dance, Hikarigaoka IMA, it is what, but
Know (intention)
YouTube video of "IMA dances mew" is this
As for my name, will thank mew you from now on IMA!
We image mew IMA

SCHEDULE appearance schedule

We image mew IMA

IMA nyanno 1st

My album danya!
We see more

Illustration downloading

We image mew IMA It is shi ttenya to wall paper and icon!